Bassist. Composer. Recording Artist
The original soundtrack to Steve Rigazzi’s life spins as many different grooves as a DJ .
Played for royalty ( England’s Prince Edward), heads of state (Israel’s Ehud Barak) Ambassadors, (too many to mention. E-mail me for list) and Celebrities ( Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren. Again, E-mail me for list). Ended up in Sophia Loren movie “Aurora”.
Played and lived a six year stint in Italy.
Asked to play with jazz legend Chet Baker during above mentioned stint.
Plays at all the top clubs in and around Kansas City.
Co-created a 3rd stream group (Gunther Schuller’s musical defination of the “mash up” of jazz and classical music) called Aurora Consort.
Recorded with jazz greats David Friesen and Jeff Holmes on Aurora Consort Cd “Twelve Years in October”.
Played a World Tour in 2000 that took him to 9 countries and 3 continents circumventing the globe and racking up the sky miles.
Is the “comic relief” in most bands he plays in.
Has forged a following with his original tuneful takes on life.
Is as adaptable as a gecko in a rainforest.
His soundtrack is easy to listen to.